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Where Do I Start?

I don’t know where to start. Last time I posted here was right before my house was sold. Well, my family moved to Idaho close to my in-laws. Then life fell apart. My now ex husband left me for another girl he worked with months while I was pregnant with our 4th child. His abuse had gotten worse the last few months of 2012, I should have seen this coming. But I wanted nothing more than to have my family together. He just walked away from us. So I sold everything, everything I had put my time and hard work into. I left Idaho with my 3 children and dove into uncertainty. The money I was able to make from my things as well as the last few paychecks from my job paid for my tiny apartment in Southern California. Yep, I came back home to my family to try and refocus. Now its just my children and I in a tiny apartment trying to make life feel like home again, minus him. I lost my unborn child at 15 weeks. I went in find out the gender only to find out I had been caring my child dead the last few weeks. My heart was broken. Nothing could have braced me for the things that had happened the summer of 2013. But nothing could have made me as strong as those events had.

Just the four of us when we got back to Cali.
phone13 297

Recently, I have started refinishing furniture again. Not to furnish a big house, but to make home seem like home, not a thrift store or garage sale explosion (Its what it really is anyway) I also have super limited funds being one income for a family of 4. Ok, 5! I got my kids a kitten because they missed their dog so much. his name is Bender. (Yes, futurama)

phone11-13 982

Anyhow, point of this post is to say I am not dead, and will be posting up a few more projects here and there as my budget allows. I have finally started to heal and begin my life again. My passions have returned! Maybe I can show some crafty ideas for small space design in an apartment setting, and SUPER thrifty decorating ideas.

Thanks everyone who still creeps up on my blog, for the comments and shares on Pinterest. Its has helped me to think I am somewhat good at this.

phone11-13 108

thanksgiving 027

Small Changes, Big Difference

  Where do I start? Oh, we are selling the house. Bummer I know. But with employment in my husbands field not so great here, there is no point trying to stay. We also have no family here as well as a few friends we never see anymore. Guess that means its time to go home. Or at least west.  As a native Southern California girl, I love the idea of my west coast calling. I love the idea of no monster thunderstorms threatening to destroy my life LOL! I miss desert sunsets, dry heat and the pacific ocean! The east may have the country’s green, the trees and so on, but it hasn’t really felt like home to me. So as I fix up my house for the next owners there is a bit of sorrow, but excitement as well.

That leads us to small things in the house that needed a bit of love. The bathroom in the hallway just for starters. While it didn’t look awful, it wasn’t all too nice either. It needed a few finishing touches. Mirror frame, fancys and such.

Here are a few pictures to show you what I am talking about.

This is what it was when we bought it.

phone11 724

Yep, Vinyl Wall Board. Luckly with a serious scrubbing, and oil based priming, you can paint this stuff.

phone11 727

This is what it looked like a few months ago when we prepped it for sale in late October. We painted the vanity and wallboard. Replaced the countertop and faucet. Then added the knobs that match the kitchen set. We also replaced the old vinyl flooring with new.


Not too bad. But this time around I want to get out of here fast, and with a good offer. So I took some 1×6, paint, adhesive and staples and made my own frame. I also took a trip to ross and replaced the shower curtain with a white and aqua one that matches the bathroom perfectly. I also scored the rug for 3$. Because it is white I keep it put up unless I have a showing. Keep it safe from my monsters.

For about 30$ This is what I ended up with. Not bad for a days worth of work.

aaabath 019

Not to shabby

aaabath 028

aaabath 031

Well, there you have it. Now go buy my house!

Updated The Formal

As of 1-1013 This is the most current layout of the formal living/dinning rooms. I had moved the mantel off the back wall and back onto the fireplace leaving a large open wall with no interest. So I pushed the hutch on over and instantly opened up the room. Someday I do hope to have French doors on said wall opening to the finished garage that will be my office/guest room/you name it room. But here are a few new pictures. Note the much better image quality! No more camera pictures! Thanks husband!

houseeee 045

houseeee 141

houseeee 135

houseeee 103 (3)

houseeee 102

houseeee 095

houseeee 050

houseeee 047

  Well, there it is, a bit moved about. I like it better this way. I wonder how much better I will like it if I ever get French doors put in, and that back office area finished!


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