An American Dream

Broken Lamp Shade, Turned Awesome.

Whats that? My favorite lamp was broke by my lamp hating husband? OH NO, WHY? WHY? LORD NO!!!!!!

Well, after I was able to accept the fact my lamp had passed on. I started thinking. The shade mounting hardware was long gone. So I clipped off the last chunk of metal that was hanging on and had this still sort of good lamp shade in my hands. I just could not see throwing it away. I loved it. As it just so happened I had this funky pendent light in the breakfast nook that looked like a flying saucer. On top of that, the bulb hung out and burned a hole in your eyes during breakfast.  Hummm, A cheap idea is a brewing……

I didn’t have the money to run out and buy the light I had wanted to replace this one with. But I had a broken shade with little fabric tabs inside the drum. I also had some ribbon I liked. I took the ribbon and tied 3 equal strips to the shade through the tabs on the lamp shade. Then took the ribbon and tied it to the top of the pendents rod. Made a little bow and done! Took all of 15 minutes, and no money. Looks like new.


There you have it. Cute, cheap, and easy.


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    April 7, 2012 at 2:27 am

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