An American Dream

Belly On Up…

To the bar uhh, I mean counter tops… Oh yeah we got them on, finally! You may remember we bought 2 12 foot and an 8 foot section of ‘Deepstar Bronze’ Wilson art BAR tops. No we are not crazy! For 100$ with delivery for 32 linear feet of counter, we could afford to be creative. We (HE) had to do some extra work, more cutting and measuring. But it is worth it.  So to work we  (he) went. Both sides of the bar tops had a nice edge, all purdy and what not. But without a built-in back splash we had to go for tile to make the wall all watertight. Seeing as to how much money we saved on the counters, we could afford to do this.

  This project started very randomly. We have been planning on starting on Saturday morning, and working through the weekend. But the husband came home Friday and just went to town on them. What?? The man who usually cannot stay awake through his favorite TV shows (Swamp peeps, River Monsters, Hoarders, and so on) Came home and started taking off counters at 6pm? THIS IS MADNESS!!! 


But honestly, I was beyond happy about it. I love to work. and as an insomniac night times is where I have most of my energy, ideas and want to do things.

Getting Started.

This was super easy, almost to easy. Anyone can do this! Here is a basic breakdown of what we did.

You will need some basic tools.

1. Your Drill and bit. Can also use a screwdriver

2. A Blade (No, not Wesley Snipes)

3. A Circular saw with a good high tooth count blade for cutting new tops smoothly.

4. Masking Tape to help keep the counters from chipping.

5. Metal Fine File for smoothing anything you may need to.

6. Screws

7. Box Opener/ Utility Knife

7. straight

8. pencil

8. Measuring tape

9. Level

10. Jigsaw

11. Silicone if not using a sink with clips.

All ready?

First thing we did was cut the caulk around the counters and walls. Use your utility knife to make sure you get a good cut.

IMG033 (600x800)

Next the husband took out the drawer, and hunched into the bottom cabinet and started unscrewing the screws. Only 4 screws held the old counter on, They were sturdy, so that must have been enough.

Then he just pulled it right out. Like buttda. So easy it was stupid I know!

IMG035 (600x800)

From 1972! What a trip…

IMG082 (600x800)

Ok, so that’s how we removed the old. Now how to install the new Wilson Art Deepstar Bronze counter tops!

How To Cut The Counter Tops.

You can use a circular saw, the higher the tooth count on the blade means a smother cut, less chance of chipping. Measure out the new piece, lay a line of masking tape, and them remeasure and mark your cut line on the tape with your pencil. Measure twice, cut once! Once you are totally sure you have it right, it is square, straight and good, you may cut. Please, be careful at this part. You do not want to make it all goofy. We have 32ft of this, and about 12′ of it is needed, we had room for goofs.

Laying the tape in the general area is will be needed in.

IMG041 (600x800)

Marking your line on the tape makes it easy to see your lines.

IMG044 (600x800)

Cutting. We used 2 cinder blocks under each side of the counter to lift it off the ground, and to also keep the blade from being pinched, damaging the blade and chewing the counter up. (20$ blade, treat it nicely)

IMG050 (600x800)

How sweet it is!

Once you have your cutting done, pull up your tape and check your lines. You may use a small metal nail file to smooth anything out. Anything stronger will chip them. 

IMG056 (800x600)

We had an extra step here. Since we got the bar tops at such and amazing deal, we have to make an extra cut to make them sit flush with the wall. Thankfully they are deep enough to still sit right on the counters.

How To Attach The New Counter Tops

After you are all cut and ready, break out your level, make sure your counters are level, if not, you may need wood shims. We got lucky and didn’t need them.

IMG063 (800x600)

Break out your drill. Make sure your screws are not so long the break through the top, but are long enough to hold it down right. You may also need to put some weight on the counters when you are drilling to keep them in place.

IMG064 (600x800)

This time, I was the weight. Yup, I laid up there like a modern-day DIY Venus. Just missing the feather fans and grapes. I don’t think the husband appreciated all the “You there, servant boy, your queen needs cool air and a foot rub.” Comments. If looks could kill, sheesh! LOL!

IMG091-1 (639x800)

Cutting Out The Sink Hole, Attaching The Sink

We sat the sink where we wanted it, traced, taped, drew and got ready. You can also use the old counter to trace and find the general area, depending if your sink size if different.

IMG098 (800x600)

Make sure you don’t cut the hole too big.

IMG099 (800x600)

Use your drill and make a hole in every corner. Once this is done, break out the jigsaw. Follow your lines, keep the area clear, blow away any dust, wood and whatever else jumps in the way. He cut the vertical lines first.  Then he screwed a 2×4 into the area that was going to be cut out so it reached past the vertical lines he cut. This way when you are cutting the horizontal lines the center wont drop out, tear up your counters, saw and face.  I didn’t get a picture of that part, sorry.

Gettin jiggy wit it, nanananaahhnananaaaaaa.

IMG103 (600x800)

Just lift out the part you cut out, that should be held on to the 2×4 you screwed into the removable part only…. Then you can dry fit your sink. Use the tape again, this time to center line the sink. Make the tape run from the sink to the counter top, mark all the way across, cut so both the sink and counter have a nice piece of tape with a straight line drawn on for when you place your sink.

IMG106 (600x800)

Lift your sink out, add your ‘glue’  (We used a clear silicone) drop sink in, and line it back up quickly. Make sure to get up any and all the glue that pushed out cleaned up fast. It dries fast.

We used baby wipes. Baby Wipes are awesome for about anything, but I don’t have to tell any momma and papas this.

IMG109 (800x600)

IMG111 (800x600)

So here it is. All new counters!

Hahaha Didnt take one after the sink was dropped in.

IMG093 (600x800)

And the smaller one.

IMG059 (600x800)

I know, only 2 crummy pictures. But stay tuned, I got an eye full of post coming up, as the kitchen has really been moving along all weekend.


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