An American Dream

10$ Table, Say What?

Okay, lets recap shall we? I started with 125$ Spent 65$ on bean bag chairs. Then another 20$ish on the chalkboard so that puts me at 40$ That’s not much. Now, for the playroom to function well, the kids do need a place to sit and color, or play with play dough and so on.  Wow, how am I going to pull this off? So as always, Craigslist. I seen a table and chairs for 25$. It was a standard dinning size with 3 chairs. I know I didn’t need the chairs (Bean bags), but even beat up particle board end tables go for 20$ out here. So I sent the email. Figured I could sell the chairs at some point and recover my money. A few days later I get an email saying they sold the chairs, but the table I want was only 10$! SAY WHAT? So, I sent my husband off to pick it up.

It needed work, but for 10$ I had the time to do it! So I got to scrubbing it down. I also peeled the plastic veneer from the side. It was banged up, so I just got it off and smoothed it out. Next came the height. This is a standard dinning table. For the play room we need it a tad bit smaller. Out came the measuring tape, level, marker and saw.

First measure and mark each leg for how tall you want the table. Next take your level and draw a level line at each mark you made for height. This way all your legs sit right, and the same height.  Having a bearded man do it for you is a serious plus. Then you need to cut them off, following the line carefully. My husband used the circular saw for this part.

Once you have the legs cut down, sand the feet so they are smooth. You don’t want any scratched kids or floors. I then sanded the entire thing. I would rather sand it down to ensure a good adhesion of primer and paint then use the ‘no sand’ primer. This table is going to get a beating in the play room. I would much rather be safe than lazy.

Next pick the right paint. I spent 9$ total on spray paint from Home Depot. Had I done only one color it would have been 5$ tops.  But I am making a nature inspired play room. So I felt the table should be fun but functional. I have a tree, birds, why not make a mushroom inspired table?

I then primed the table with the oil based primer I have been using on everything lately. I have a big can, might as well. I gave it a light sanding after each light coat of primer. I did 2. Then I let it set for a few hours.

Now, a mushroom right? That to me, is the classic red top with light cream spots and stem. Dots then? I got my cream-colored spray paint and lightly sprayed a few spots. Don’t spray all crazy heavy. Don’t spray any hard lines. Just lightly mist the general area you want your spots in, and repeat till you have good coverage. Let your dots dry! This is important! They have to be totally dry or you will mess them up on the next step!

Once the painted spots are totally dry, make some cardboard cutouts of the dots.(I used photo album pages, they were lined with plastic, so they would not become wet and stick to the paint, can also use paint tape) Cut how big and what shape you really want them. This is why I said not to spray hard outlines in the first step. It will leave an uneven right around the spots and will look rushed.

Once you have your dots covered, its time to paint the table top. Shake really well! Never start a paint stream over the surface you are painting. Start slightly off to the side and don’t stop spraying over your surface either! I sprayed from almost directly above so I dint blow the paper spot covers off. I gave it a total of 4 coats.

Then I painted the bottom, legs the same color as the spots. Let it dry a bit and removed the spot covers. Once I was happy with the coverage, I let dry all the way and have it a good coat of glossy clear coat. Same painting method as spraying the top. It’s all smooth. No bumps where the colors change. I must say, I am happy with it. Kids LOVE it. For 20$ Total project cost, not bad.

I had to let it set outside a while, to let off all the stank. The smell makes me sick. Don’t want the kids breathing it all in.

Just picture new dark flooring, and lime green covers on the bean bag chairs… It will happen, tax season…

Can just close the doors and not hear screaming/hyper kids while watching a movie. Awesome.

Now I have about 20$ to find shelving or some sort of storage. Also need something to put a TV on.


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