An American Dream

No Mantel, No Problem

    Ah, Christmas is finally around the corner. Yeah! Time to break out the sparkles, shines, the glittery and twinkle! I love it! I had never lived in a house with a fireplace, so the stocking were usually hung in a larger door way.  Only our first Christmas in this house had we hung stocking at a mantle, later to become a shelf in the dinning room (It was way too small for the fireplace, and just looked wrong)  Last year they were back on the wall. This time around, as I went through the Christmas decor, I couldn’t help but try to find a way to have them back at the fireplace, without damaging the brick. someday we will build a big surround and mantel. (Note: We do not use the fireplace, if you do, maybe re-think how high or just where you hang yours)

See, tall, brick, no mantel.

You will need

1. Pole


3. Drill

4. Screw eyes

5. Anchors (If no studs)


So I sat and stared at the fireplace thinking for about 20 minutes when it struck me. I could use a pole, Wrapped in garland and lights, attached to the wall on each side somehow!  Off I went looking through my tool and supply room. I tried with a leftover piece of trim from the kitchen, but it sagged with nothing on it. Hum, I didn’t have anything else that would reach and be strong. Then it hit me again, I could ‘borrow’ a curtain rod from the playroom that’s tucked into a corner no one sees anyways. After Christmas I’ll just hang it back up.

I pulled it down and sized it up. Strong, long enough, and the screw on wood ends would work with whatever I use to tie it up on. You can probably use any strong pole, broom stick, thick trim, curtain rod you name it.

Next I held it up about how high I wanted it and marked the wall. Then I measured how high from the ground it would be and marked the other side of the wall to make it sit level. Next I drilled a small hole, no stud! NOOO!!!!  But being a good husband my husband went out and picked up some anchors and put them in the wall. Next he screwed in the screw eyes.

The almighty screw eye..

I had wrapped a stand of Christmas lights around the pole with enough slack to plug it in easily. Then garland. I used 2 different kinds to add interest. Then I slipped the stockings on. You can also tie them on with ribbon after you hang the pole. I put mine right on there, so my kids wouldn’t be able to tug the string and snoop.

Then it was time for the rope. We used 550 cord left over form his army days. We have tons of it. But a thinner nylon rope should do fine. Looped it through the screw eye and around the ends of the pole then tied it off.

Somewhat ugly here, but you get a visual on what I did..

Then I wrapped the rope in garland and stuck a small bow on it. When I make a trip to the store, I am going to buy the big velvet ones to cover the sides entirely.

Now, here is what I ended up with. I will update as soon as I get them big bows up.

Oh, I also took some beaded garland from last year, swagged it and hung some ornaments.


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