An American Dream

5TH Bedroom?

I am trying to decide if I should take a finished off ‘dead-space’ and turn it into a 5th bedroom. The room was once a garage that was finished off legally by the previous owner. It has a window, Forced heat and air, and is a decent size.
To make it a bedroom I would have to add a new door that opens into the house (Currently the only way into the room is from the laundry room then the utility room.) Then close off the old doorway and frame out a closet. I will be doing everything to code and with permits of course. But I am unsure how this will ‘feel’

If this room is turned into a bedroom, it will be on the other side of my house, away from the bathroom and other bedrooms. I can see where this may be a con, for people with small kids (Talking resale down the road) and so on. But also a pro, people with teens who want privacy away from everyone else, or guest who don’t want to sleep by the family/kids rooms. Still, the bathroom is across the house, maybe that wont bother someone who wants to be in their own section of the house.

Maybe I should leave the door to the utility room, that also lets out to the outside side of my house. Incase future buyers have adult children who like to come and go whenever, or smoke.

I am not really doing this because ‘I’ need the extra bedroom. I am thinking down the road when we do sell, and even now as I can use this room for whatever. Trying to do what makes the most sense. I don’t see a point in having such a large room with good light and AC be used as a catch all or dead space.

Here are a few pictures, I would love some input from you guys!


The room from outside of my house.

fall 023 (2)

As my house sits now, basic layout with the ‘dead space’


How it would be, bedroom 5 is in red.


A very crude drawing of the wall a closet would be on, with the door I hope to close off.


The room from the doorway I hope to close off.


Well, what would you do?


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