An American Dream


     I know. It’s just a hallway. But it’s also another place to be creative. When we moved in it was an eggshell whitish color. Nothing interesting in here at all.  An old light that was the very first change we made to the house. The hallway linen closet had nice louvered doors, but we ended up removing them because they freaked the husband out. I on the other hand didn’t mind them, and wanted to paint them a crisp white. You may even say I loved them. But he was so against them we removed them and MONTHS later replaced them. There was also the same old carpet in the hall way that smothered the rest of the house. The ‘Foyer’ side of the hallway was just as dull. It didn’t have the carpet however, but a glue down vinyl oak colored plank. We kept that, it looks good against the darker floors we put in. Like a brighter landing pad for the foyer. There is also the old awkwardly placed hanging brass light that has yet to be touched. But here it is as of lately.

Hallway Breakdown

1. Cherry Allure Vinyl Planks 200$ Home Depot

2. Closet Doors 60$ Home Depot

3. Paint 0$ (Was leftover trim paint, I mixed with some of my paints for the color)

4. Black Spray Paint 2$ Walmart Brand

5. Closet Door and Silver Knobs 30$ Home Depot.

Picture Time

Random frames collected over time. All pained black to match.

Before we pulled up the carpet. I painted the beige twig set over an old wood wine print.

The Foyer from the family room. Formal living room to the right

houseeee 114

Front door open.

The Hallway. Nothing amazing, but a lot better than before!


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