An American Dream


There is still so much to be done in here. But the tile is finished!  We used a deep grey color grout, that we mixed ourselves. We had bright white and black on hand, and used 1 part white to 2 parts black. It’s still deep without being stark, almost a very soft black. I love it. I stayed away from all white grout knowing how I cook, there would be stains everywhere. I got better things to do that scrub stains all day. I also need flooring, like yesterday!

Keep in mind the floors, trim and touch up paint still needs to be done.

Break Down

Wall Paper removal and paint 25$

New overhead lighting 75$ (Home Depot)

New under cabinet light 12$ (Home depot)

Cabinet stripping and supplies 25$

Cabinet paint and primer 45$ (Benjamin Moore White Dove)

Counter Tops $100 (Craigslist)  (only 50$ worth used in kitchen)

Cabinet pulls and knobs 25$ (Target)

Tile, Mortar, Grout 80$ (All home depot)

Oven Hood 50$ (Show room model)

Cast Iron White sink 50$ (Craigslist)

Faucet 200$ (Home Depot)

I may be forgetting some things, and do not have the receipt’s for others on hand. But I am close to what I paid with most.

Looking in from the formal dining room

A close up

The sink wall




My Grandma painted this, I love the way it looks in here.

The Oven/Fridge Wall


Well, whats your thoughts on it?

The Before

Bad varnish job with bugs stuck in cabinets.  Old Wallpaper. Bad lighting. Microwave too low. Dark and busted up counter tops.





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