An American Dream


The office is wonderful but a pain in the butt all at the same time! Nothing like having all your paperwork/wires/computers/sewing machine/paint chip tower, hidden in a small room! But with that said, the *coughhackgagHUSBANDcouchhackgag* like to mask a huge mess, and just shut the door like it never happened. This means I don’t spend much time in here, ever. Just walk in to get a thing or 2 from my desk and walk away, in shame. This room is 12×10, 2 southern facing windows. Bright and cute. But with the man-mess, its sad. Maybe I can just move his desk to the closed in garage….

There will be no pictures of the other side of the office until my husband cleans his junk up.

Here are a few photos of it. Small, boring, and unfinished.

Paint color is ‘Sea Spray’ by Glidden



Made curtains from table-cloth, leftover fabric, glue gun and tension rod for the office.

The office sits off the 3rd living room/add-on

My dream office would look something like this…

Or this, minus the pinkish deal going on.

From the Real Estate ad.


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